About Wallingford's Inc

Since 1975, recognizing industry needs has been a core strength of Wallingford's Inc. Our experienced management and sales team follows the domestic and international markets to understand the trends and discover the demand for new products and services. Through extensive research and development, Wallingford's answers those demands bringing innovative, new products and services to the industry.

Wallingford's additional strengths lie within its professional and experienced administrative team that provides comprehensive, integrated information systems for design, manufacturing and sales needs.

Wallingford's Inc.® is an international wholesaler of tire chain, logging and industrial supplies; the largest of its kind in North America. The sales and marketing offices are located in a modern facility in Oakland, Maine, with a state of the art distribution, assembly, and administrative facility in New Hampton, New Hampshire, and distribution centers in Fife, Washington, Edmonton AB and Montreal QC, Canada, and a European Union Distribution Center in Holland.

Sales & Marketing Offices
Oakland, ME
Administrative Offices
Administrative Offices
New Hampton, NH
Fife DC
Fife, Washington
Distribution Center
Montreal DC
Montreal, QC Canada
Distribution Center
Edmonton DC
Edmonton, AB Canada
Distribution Center
Hoofddorp DC
Hoofddorp, Holland
Distribution Center